27 March 2011

Alan Shapiro in his own words

Speaking of World War II, of teaching, and unionization, of the "Mississippi Burning" murders, of creating an alternative education program...

Alan from Paul Shapiro on Vimeo.

- Ira Socol

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Miss Shuganah said...

As a writer or perhaps on account of who I am, I often wonder, who or what made this person who they are today?

Your voice and your convictions clearly reflect Alan Shapiro's influence. That influence continues out like ripples. That voice and your voice join other voices in a confluence of likeminded souls. There is much strength in that.

I hope you can take solace in knowing that, in continuing to fight the good fight, you expose many of us to the ideas of Alan Shapiro who may never have had the opportunity to know of his or to hear his words.

You and all others who went on to become teachers or otherwise engaged in reforming education are Alan Shapiro's legacy. And a fine legacy it is, too.

As I have said to you I hope to join you in revolution, ie, in reshaping how education is. If I can join you in doing my small part, it will be a lot.

Must insight is to be gained by both hearing his words and by how you present Alan Shapiro's words. I think this is one of the most elegant and understated blog posts you have ever written. Alan speaks well for himself.