24 April 2008

Links to Great Stuff

I am crazy, busy - but that doesn't mean we can't stay in touch - here are a few things I think you'll want to investigate...

From the Education Subject Centre at the University of Bristol the new edition of ESCalate News is out with a focus on Harnessing Technology for Education. Every article is worth reading - they cover Interactive Collaboration for Undergraduates, Creativity in Technology Rich - Flexible Learning Spaces, The Potential Impact and Influence on Education of Web 2.0 Technologies, No Cost Technologies, Higher Ed and the iPod Generation, Virtual Worlds, and much more.

Enda P. Guinan (National University of Ireland - Maynooth) has a fascinating post on his blog regarding accessible podcast creation issues and solutions. Podcasting creates a phenomenal level of cross-platform and cross-capability information access, but, of course, it needs to be done "the right way" for that to be true.

Unlocking the Classroom has an important post on what schools need to achieve universal access beyond the technology which I typically discuss here. At the base it is politics and social policy - always.

On the Mobile Learning blog, a look at the mobile internet "tipping point." Many of us see the mobile replacing the laptop in many ways as the "universal tool" - and welcome this as a way of both lowering costs and increasing access, but we need the availability on the ground - as they say, before this becomes something we can depend upon fully in education.

Dr. Brian Friedlander has posts about the new Pulse Smartpen and about WriteOnline. And Paul Hamilton looks at what you can do with Animoto.

- Ira Socol

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assistivetek said...

Hi Ira:

Just want to thank you for your thought provoking posts which I really enjoy reading.

Brian S. Friedlander

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Ira.

That entry on podcasts was actually part of an assignment for the Open University's module entitled 'The eLearning Professional', part of their MA in Online and Distance Education. They are introducing another module this autumn on accessible online learning: supporting disabled students. Looks good!