15 March 2008

CSUN 2008/Communicating

Offering communications technology to those who cannot speak is so important, and now, often so brilliantly "easy" with great technologies. Here are three of the best...

The Cyrano Communicator was wonderful running on H-P's iPAQ, but it's even better now that it is based on the Pidion BM 150-R smart phone with GPS. The Cyrano is a lifespan technology idea, with an interface that allows extremely simple uses but can support the highest-level communication requirements, all wrapped up in a tiny, simple package.

The amazing Tango now brings Tango for Teens. Tango was the breakthrough in kids' alternative communication, offering everything from ease of use, to real-life supports, to emotion. Now the teen version adds higher literacy supports, tools for school, and new teen characters and voices. Try the Tango emulator.

Dynavox's iChat 2G is another great option for symbol reliant users. It is more than just a communicator, able to run other Windows CE applications. Small and not embarrassing to carry with good voices.

Communication has moved far beyond big picture boards, enabling real social interaction. These devices - and many others - are true life changers.

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- Ira Socol from sunny Los Angeles

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Morgan said...

Now that I am excited about the Dynavox iChat 2G, I see that you posted this in March of 2008. I cannot find the iChat 2G on the Dynavox Product page. Do you know if they have discontinued? I have a small Kindergarten student who I think could use a small and light weight device. This would be perfect for him...