18 January 2012


The freedom of people
and their right to be informed,
to govern themselves,
to educate themselves,
must matter more than
lifetime guaranteed profits
for the one percent.

For more on the Blackout
Protest on Web Uses Shutdown to Take On Two Piracy Bills (The New York Times)

Stop Sopa or the web really will go dark (Guardian)

The Media Tycoons (The New York Times)

For more on SOPA and PIPA

The Guardian Explainer
Obama Position (The New York Times)
Google "Take Action    Google's Position
Sopa Explained (CNN Money)
Why SOPA is dangerous (Mashable)

For more on the unified tactics of the corporate right
For God so loved the 1%... (The New York Times)
The ALEC Agenda for Education (Parents United)
ALEC, the Koch Brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the "Conservative" Agenda (Daily Kos)

Vote with your votes, and vote with your purchasing power.

See SOPA Supporters List Here

Do not support those who work against you, whether in big box stores, online, or on your main or high street.

(If your local Chamber of Commerce is on this list, tell every member you meet to dis-associate or you will stop doing business with them)

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