17 June 2008

Firefox 3: Not Yet

Just an alert. Firefox 3, the widely anticipated new version of the world's most accessible browser, will not work with the key components which make Firefox accessible. Notably Click-Speak and Accessibar will vanish if Firefox 3 is installed.

Here's hoping we get updates soon for these critical software packages. Until then, there's nothing wrong with Firefox 2. Stick with it.

- Ira Socol

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Paul Hamilton said...

Thank you, Ira, for this helpful and important warning.

If anyone has already downloaded Firefox 3.0 and it has overwritten the previous version of Firefox, you can download previous versions of Firefox here:


I suggest uninstalling Firefox 3 before installing the earlier version. Bookmarks should be preserved because they are NOT lost when uninstalling and re-installing.


Steve Lee said...

Ira, I suggest you pester the add-on authors to upgrade their addons. Firefox has new security features to protect users against bad addons and Mozilla gave notice and instructions an age ago.

Personally I'd rather have the great new browsing features of 3 and live without the add ons for a while.


narrator said...

Paul - Thanks for the "how to"

Steve - We'll pester everyone, but for those who depend on the add-ons, it's still worth waiting. FF3 seems worth having, but it isn't "life changing." Click-Speak has been life changing for lots of users.