12 January 2006


Still not using FoxyVoice with students who have print literacy problems? What's the problem?

FoxyVoice is free and incredibly simple. Highlight any text in the Firefox browser, click on a smiley face in the lower right hand corner of the window, and the text is read aloud. So, it can read your email, your websites, the newspapers on-line, everything that's accessible internet text.

To use FoxyVoice you need the Firefox version 1.0.7 browser (the new version 1.5 is not yet compatible). Once Firefox is installed and open, go to FoxyVoice and click on "Install Now." Once the install is completed, you'll need to shut down Firefox and restart it, then FoxyVoice will be working.

and just for fun you might want to add in gtranslate for Firefox as well, it provides "right click" language translation for highlighted text for English to German / German to English, English to Spanish / Spanish to English, English to French / French to English, English to Italian / Italian to English, English to Portuguese / Portuguese to English, English to Japanese / Japanese to English, English to Korean / Korean to English, English to Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Simplified) to English, German to French / French to German

(both PC-Only)

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Miss Dennis said...

Thanks for this tip. I will definitely be checking out FoxyVoice. I have a special ed blog too. Your Mama's Mad Tedious: Diary of a Bronx Teacher